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Horoscope for the week of 15th July 2024 to 21st July 2024

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This week's scenario is highlighted by possible accusations of fraud or deceit. Verify your information to obtain written reference material. Don't jump to any conclusions, allow time to soften your overall perspective of things. Make time to enjoy some peace & quiet. You'll need time to digest your thoughts & feelings. Patience with others will be needed in order to understand their perspective of things. You'll be able to achieve your immediate goals if you learn to listen to others. Another Pisces native figures prominently. Imagine a future that's within your grasp. You feel a sense of excitement at being part of something larger than yourself. Promises made now should be easy to keep. Your sensitivity is remarkable, but it could get in your way. There's no reason to take everything quite so personally. Reconnect with what excites you and rejoin the life that's going on outside your door.

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