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Who do your friends love?

Would you like to know who your friends' crushes are? Are you unsure if your partner cheats on you? Are you secretly in love with someone and they don't know? Why don't you find out if they feel the same way about you?

Now is the time to find out!

Welcome to the Love Calculator, where you can find out who your friend's crushes are -- and how compatible they are! It's simple, fast, and free!

  1. Create your personal love calculator link
  2. Give your love calculator link to your friends
  3. Receive your friends' love results by e-mail

Sign up by filling out the form on the next page. This allows us send your friends' results to your email! After signing up, you get a link for your own personal love calculator. You pass the link around to your family and friends, telling them that it's a love calculator. They can find out whether or not their crush likes them the same way. Your friends click the link and start the test by filling in a list of their crushes, and then we email you the lists along with the compatibility score.

With the Love Calculator, you find out if your crush likes you or you can become a hero matchmaker using the compatibility result!

Create your personal love calculator...

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The Love Calculator is now also available for WAP enabled devices such as mobile phones.

More than 44 million secret loves revealed...

8,328,283 people have signed up for their personal Love Calculator link. They tricked 58,654,708 friends to reveal their secret crushes... :-) (Stats updated once per hour)

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