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Horoscope for the week of 15th July 2024 to 21st July 2024

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This week's scenario is highlighted by opportunities for travel, romance & communications. Whether it be for business or for pleasure, take advantage of the situation by setting the standards for all concerned. Keep the flow positive & don't try to preach your morals to others. Keep your private life private and your social life social. Your excess energy might put you in danger of saying or doing something inappropriate. Others may not be in a mood to have their limitations challenged. Being stubborn can be fun but not very productive. Romance your opponent until he or she is firmly in your camp. The closer you get to someone, the less your differences matter. Allow room for variation. You could find yourself facing a choice when you least expect one. Learn and profit from an inconvenience instead of just complaining about it. Talk to important people, make plans to provide them with an unusual service. Use a little creativity to customise your product & you will create an image of international trade. Mutual literary interest could bond a relationship. Take the lead & enjoy a fulfilling end to a great week.

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